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  • ENGL43 Lesson4 Portfolio Assignment – Writing a Newspaper Editorial

  • English grammar – 數詞

    ·百位數中如果十位數是0時,百位數和個位數中見的and不可省略,其他可以省略。 ·基數相當於名詞,可以以複數形式出現,後面常接of。如Hundreds of students took part in the composition competition. ·基數前面有其他數詞,用作確定數目或有saveral修飾時不用複數形式。 ·倍數的表現方式有很多種: Four fours are sixteen. Four times four is sixteen. This room is three times as large as that room. 這房間是那房間的三倍大。 This room is three times larger than that one. 這房間比那房間大三倍。 times一般只用於三倍以上,表示兩倍的用twice或double。 ·分數的讀法還可以讀作1/2 one over two. ·分數中分子大於一的時候,分母用複數形式。如2/3讀作two thirds. ·算式的表達中,減法可以讀作 減數from被減數;除法可以讀作 除數into被除數。 ·表示“幾十歲”時,應該用複數形式,並在前面加上in one’s。如In 1870s, […]

  • English grammar – 名詞

    ·某些可數名詞作狀態,當不可數名詞用。 She began to prepare for school. They are on holiday. There is much room for improvement. 還有改進的餘地。 The trees are now in flower. ·英語和漢語在某些名詞數的概念有差別,如英語中的duty是可數的,漢語中責任則不可數;漢語中的麵包、肥皂是可數的,英語的bread、soap則不可數。 ·不可數名次要表示數量時需要添加單位。 a piece of chalk a piece(item) of news a piece of work a piece(loaf) of bread a piece of advice a piece of furniture a cake of soap a […]

  • English grammar – 冠詞

    ·名詞詞組裏如果有all,both,exactly,just,many,twice,half,quite,rather,such,what等詞,這類詞可以放在冠詞之前。 ·和as,how,so,too連用時,形容詞放在冠詞前。 ·monitor,chairman,president等表示只由一人擔任的名詞不加冠詞。 ·一些冠詞習慣用法: as a rule 通常 as a matter of fact 事實上 make a fool of 捉弄 make a fuss 大驚小怪 a good many 許多 all of a sudden 突然 be a waste of money/time 在錢/時間方面的浪費 on the whole 總的 put the cart before the horse 本末倒置 ·演奏樂器要用the ·形容詞、分詞等之前加the代表一類人或物。比如the blind, the rich, the […]

  • new words from College English 2 Lesson 1

    Taking more salt than one was entitled to. allowed offender One that offends, especially one that breaks a public law: a corrections institution for youthful offenders. Hence the English word, salary. from then on not worth his salt a person felt to be incapable of doing a job incapable of sth/doing sth not able to […]

  • new words from College English 2 Lesson 2

    disturbance disturbing or being disturbed nail small thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and flat head at the other 釘子 spirit-level glass tube partly filled with water or alcohol, with a bubble of air, used to test whether sth is horizontal by means of the position of the bubble 酒精水準儀 […]