new words from College English 2 Lesson 2

disturbance disturbing or being disturbed
nail small thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and flat head at the other 釘子
spirit-level glass tube partly filled with water or alcohol, with a bubble of air, used to test whether sth is horizontal by means of the position of the bubble 酒精水準儀
horizontal parallel to the horizon;flat;level
hinder obstruct or delay sb/sth
attempt make an effect to accomplish sth; try to do sth
semicircle half of a circle or of its circumference
injure harm; hunt
measure find the size, length, volume, etc
sneer smile with a upon lip curled, to show contempt
confusion disorder; confused or untidy state
lean be in a sloping position
slip false step; act of slipping
mildly in a gentle manner
observe see and notice
plaster soft mixture of lime, sand, water, etc that becomes hard when dry and is used for making a smooth surface on walls and ceilings
sufficient enough
worn out exhausted 筋疲力盡
wretched very unhappy