new words from College English 2 Lesson 1

Taking more salt than one was entitled to. allowed
offender One that offends, especially one that breaks a public law: a corrections institution for youthful offenders.
Hence the English word, salary. from then on
not worth his salt a person felt to be incapable of doing a job
incapable of sth/doing sth not able to do sth
scarce not often found
ample enough
pour sth out. serve by putting it into a cup, flow
weed wild plant growing where it is not wanted
fix color in color
itch to have an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch
rub scratch
obtain get sth
various way. several kinds of way
evaporate change into vapour and disappear 蒸發
vapour gaseous from into which certain liquid or solid substances can be converted by heating