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  • PS3 China Marketing Plan

    The PS3, together with the Xbox360 from Microsoft and the Wii from Nintendo are called “next generation games”. According to the sales volume report our PS3 received the button line and had been thrown far away behind others. In order to solute the problem. We should re-consider our marketing strategy. Though we never sell our […]

  • Job Application Letters

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am applying for the position of strategy consultant. I am very interested in this post after knowing what kind of team you are and what you are doing. The idea of sustainability develop is great. Improving businesses’ quality to protect the planet and to help the public is what China really need […]

  • sell our project to client

    Are you out of fashion? balabalabalabalabala…… China market is different with western markets. As a global company, you have to consider the local strategy. Distrust is the main threat to foreign companies. Because of Chinese traditional culture of anti-trade and the huge economic growth in the past ten years, public don’t trust most companies. For […]

  • sustainability business

    A sustainability business means a business works under a sustainability mode which includes reducing environmental impacts, undertaking social responsibilities and promoting economic prosperity. Science and technology growth very fast in the past century but they also caused many environmental damage such as ozone depletion, climate change and fouling of natural resources. Also because the world […]