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A sustainability business means a business works under a sustainability mode which includes reducing environmental impacts, undertaking social responsibilities and promoting economic prosperity. Science and technology growth very fast in the past century but they also caused many environmental damage such as ozone depletion, climate change and fouling of natural resources. Also because the world population’s enormous growth, gap between the rich and poor becomes huge and most people on the planet are living in bad conditions. At the end of 20 century, some countries and organizations stated to think about “what can we do to help the world?” and finally they brought out the concept of sustainability development. The concept became a wind of change blows over the world. In nowadays, many decision makers in companies take this as a main category in their PR strategy.

The well known case should be the computer software giant, Microsoft. Microsoft changed the world for two times. It brought computers to almost all corners around the planet and it started to make the world to participate in public utilities using its huge influence and abundant fund. The slogan:”Change the world just by doing something you’re doing already.” appeared in March, 2007 and the “I’m activity” soon spread over by Live messenger and Hotmail. What users need to do is adding a word to their showing ID and Microsoft will donate money to the Red Cross, National AIDS Fund, Sierra Club and other charities. Even Microsoft only uses little money in its profit to support this plan, but the influence is huge and the result shows this is not only a success public welfare motion but also a great consulting strategy. The leader of search engine Google also promoted an activity on its 10 years old birthday: The “Project 10 to the 100th”. Google will investment on 5 top ideas collected from Internet users to make the world better.

If a business want to sustainability develop, first, of cause it have to earn money. After earning money and increase the economic growth, the business should spend some money or other resource to help solving environmental and social problems to earn trust and good relation from the public. Then the business is able to keep working and sustainability develops. Microsoft, Google, many global companies like Philips, Coca-cola, Nike, Sony, Mcafee, and Motorola already improved the possibility of the concept of sustainability business. We could look forward other big brands and even Asia and Chinese’s companies join into the rank.


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M1 End-of-Module Content Questions

1.1 Define marketing.
Marketing is a social process which activities let all people to obtain need and want. In a long term they can develope exchange relationship.

1.2 What condition are necessary for an exchange to take place?
When people have their NEEDS and WANTS exchange becomes feasible.

1.3 Distinguish between a need and a want.
Need is what people or organisations have to had, and Want is a kind of desire or preference.
For a person, basic physical needs like water, food; social and emotional needs like security and belonging is his/her need and to have a beautiful cloth is what he/she want.

1.4 What is a market?
A market includes individuals or orginisations whom have resources(time, money) ,find their interest in something and willing to buy it.

1.5 What does strategic marketing involve?
I. TAs are not being satisfied.
II. Classify customers to market segments.
III. Classify products to market segments.
IV. Position a product to differentiate from competitors’. So the product can give a sustainable competitive advantage.

1.6 What flows are necessary for an exchange transaction to take place?
I. Collect information about market needs and wants.
II. Design goods and services base on info from I.
III. Promo products to customers.
IV. Sell products to customers and obtained money or something else of value.

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たい・する【対する】 比較する。比べる。「プロに―・しても見劣りしない」
足が出る Run over the budget
おざ‐なり【▽御座なり】 [名・形動]いいかげんに物事をすませること。その場だけの間に合わせ。また、そのさま。「―を言う」「―な処置をする」
たっぷり 満ちあふれるほど十分にあるさま。「―な水で麺(めん)をゆでる」
ちょこん [副]1 小さくかしこまっているさま。ちょこなんと。「子供が―座っている」2 少しだけ。ちょこっと。「球に―バットを当てる」
くず・れる【崩れる】  [動ラ下一]くづ・る[ラ下二]1 まとまった形をし、安定していたものが、支える力を失ってこわれる。また、こわれてばらばらになる。「がけが―・れる」「積み荷が―・れる」2 整っていた形や状態が乱れる。
ら‐ち【拉致】 [名]スルむりやりに連れていくこと。らっち。「何者かに―される」 綁架
お・びる【帯びる】 [動バ上一]お・ぶ[バ上二]1 (「佩びる」とも書く)身につける。腰に下げる。「太刀を―・びる」2 引き受ける。負う。「重大な使命を―・びる」3 ある性質・成分・傾向などを含み持つ。
うっとり [副]スル1 美しいものなどに心を奪われて、ぼうっとしているさま。また、気抜けしたさま。「音楽に―と聞きほれる」「―(と)したまなざし」
きしま・せる【軋ませる】 [動サ下一]きしま・す[サ下二]1 きしむような音を出させる。「車体を―・せる」「ベッドを―・せる」2 気をもませる。じらす。
おっしゃ・る【仰る・仰有る】 [動ラ五(四)]《「おおせある」の音変化》
1 「言う」の尊敬語。言葉を口にお出しになる。言われる。おおせられる。「先生はこう―・いました」「早く―・い」
2 (人名などを受けて)そういう名前でいらっしゃる。「佐藤さんと―・る方」「お名前はなんと―・いますか」

いじ・める〔いぢめる〕【×苛める/▽虐める】 [動マ下一] 1 弱いものを苦しめ、痛めつける。つらく当たる。さいなむ。「小犬を―・める」「同級生によってたかって―・められる」  2 ことさらに厳しく扱う。「トレーニングでからだを―・める」
まちどお‐し・い〔まちどほ‐〕【待(ち)遠しい】 [形]Z69C1.gifまちどほ・し[シク]《「まちどお」の形容詞化》待っていてもなかなか来ず、早く来るようにと願っているさま。「お正月の来るのが―・い」「入学式が―・い」
ねじり〔ねぢり〕【×捩り/×捻り】 1 ねじること。ねじったもの。 2 糸(かせいと)をねじって一括にしたもの。
よ‐ふかし【夜更(か)し/夜深し】 熬夜
かわ‐きり〔かは‐〕【皮切り】 手始め。
えぐ・る〔ゑぐる〕【×抉る/×刳る】 [動ラ五(四)] 1 刃物などを深く刺し入れ、回して穴をあける。くりぬく。「りんごの芯を―・る」 2 心に強い衝動や苦痛を与える。「胸を―・られる悲しみ」 3 物事の隠れた面を鋭く追及する。「事件の核心を―・る」

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English grammar – 數詞

·基數相當於名詞,可以以複數形式出現,後面常接of。如Hundreds of students took part in the composition competition.
Four fours are sixteen.
Four times four is sixteen.
This room is three times as large as that room. 這房間是那房間的三倍大。
This room is three times larger than that one. 這房間比那房間大三倍。
·分數的讀法還可以讀作1/2 one over two.
·分數中分子大於一的時候,分母用複數形式。如2/3讀作two thirds.
·算式的表達中,減法可以讀作 減數from被減數;除法可以讀作 除數into被除數。
·表示“幾十歲”時,應該用複數形式,並在前面加上in one’s。如In 1870s, when A was already in his fifties……

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English grammar – 名詞

She began to prepare for school.
They are on holiday.
There is much room for improvement. 還有改進的餘地。
The trees are now in flower.
a piece of chalk
a piece(item) of news
a piece of work
a piece(loaf) of bread
a piece of advice
a piece of furniture
a cake of soap
a grain of sand
a grain of truth
a grain of rice
a lump of sugar
a tube of tooth-paste
a stroke of good luck
a burst of applause
a gust of wind
a block of ice
a blade of grass
a sum of money
·可數名詞的複數加s,es。一般加s,結尾是s,x,ch,sh結尾的詞及部分以o結尾的詞(hero, tomato, potato)加es。結尾為y時去y加ies;結尾為f時去f加ves(部分例外:roof,chief,gulf,cliff,proof,belief,hoof,safe)。
·合成名詞的複數一般是將結尾(主體)名詞變成複數,但在有man、woman的合成名詞中包括需要改變men、women(例如women drivers)。
·集體名詞被看作一個個体時,謂語用單數,如Our group consists of ten members. 若被看作若干個體時,名詞單數,謂語複數,如 His family are waiting for him.
·有些單數的集體名詞本身就具有負數意義,只能跟複數謂語動詞連用:police, cattle牛, poultry家禽, people。
·不可數名詞的複數表示某些特別意義,如用以表示不同的類別(This factory produces steels.)、表示數量多(He stopped, watching the broad waters of the Yangtze River.)或表示概念的具體化(She told him of all her hopes and fears.)
1.表示數量也多用pair(s) of的名詞,多由兩個部分組成:scissors, trousers褲子, shorts, scales天平, glasses, shoes, sleeves。但這類名詞作定語時則多用單數,如a shoe factory。
2.有些以-ing結尾的詞常用複數。如belongings, earnings, savings, findings 調查結果, doings, surroundings, feelings, greetings招呼。
custom風俗 – customs 海關
damage – damages 賠償費
sand – sands 海灘 沙漠
spirit精神 – spirits 心情
manner方式 – manners 禮貌
interest – interests 利益
brain – brains智力
4.某些特定名詞常以複數形式出現:arms, clothes, twins, outskirts郊區, troops部隊, resources, tears, contents, thanks, congratulations。
make/take notes
make announcements 宣告,通告
make repairs
in dozens
in high spirits
as follows
make friends with
shake hands with
change seats with
build relations with
make preparations for
be on good terms with 與……關係好
give regards to
take pains 下功夫
6.有些名詞雖然形式上是複數但意義上確是單數,如:news, maths, physics, politics等。
1.主謂關係(Tom’s suggestion)
2.動賓關係(The man’s release brought great happiness to his family)(表示someone release the man)
3.表示類別(a doctor’s degree)
4.表示同位關係(the city of Beijing)(表Beijing is a city)
·人的關係可以用雙重屬格(of詞組+’s)來表示。如a friend of Ming’s = one of Ming’s friends. 雙重屬格可以用a, any, some, a few, two 等但不能用 the。而of短語前面的名詞有 this, that, these, those等,常用來表示愛憎褒貶情感,如Get away those dirty hands of yours!
·英語中名詞的性不是很複雜,男性或雄性的使用he, his, him;女性或雌性的使用she, her。很多名詞分不出陰陽性,大部分可以用it。

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English grammar – 冠詞

as a rule 通常
as a matter of fact 事實上
make a fool of 捉弄
make a fuss 大驚小怪
a good many 許多
all of a sudden 突然
be a waste of money/time 在錢/時間方面的浪費
on the whole 總的
put the cart before the horse 本末倒置
·形容詞、分詞等之前加the代表一類人或物。比如the blind, the rich, the poor等。
·A Mr Black called this morning. 一個叫Black先生的今天上午來過電話。
·有些個體名詞不加冠詞表示特定狀態,比如go to church, go to school,還有:
on earth 到底、究竟
in place of 代替
in office 執政
a number of 許多
the number of ……的數目
at a time 每次
at the time 那時候
take a chair 入席就座
take the chair 當主席
give sb. a push 推某人一下
give sb. the push 解雇某人

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new words from College English 2 Lesson 1

Taking more salt than one was entitled to. allowed
offender One that offends, especially one that breaks a public law: a corrections institution for youthful offenders.
Hence the English word, salary. from then on
not worth his salt a person felt to be incapable of doing a job
incapable of sth/doing sth not able to do sth
scarce not often found
ample enough
pour sth out. serve by putting it into a cup, flow
weed wild plant growing where it is not wanted
fix color in color
itch to have an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch
rub scratch
obtain get sth
various way. several kinds of way
evaporate change into vapour and disappear 蒸發
vapour gaseous from into which certain liquid or solid substances can be converted by heating

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new words from College English 2 Lesson 2

disturbance disturbing or being disturbed
nail small thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and flat head at the other 釘子
spirit-level glass tube partly filled with water or alcohol, with a bubble of air, used to test whether sth is horizontal by means of the position of the bubble 酒精水準儀
horizontal parallel to the horizon;flat;level
hinder obstruct or delay sb/sth
attempt make an effect to accomplish sth; try to do sth
semicircle half of a circle or of its circumference
injure harm; hunt
measure find the size, length, volume, etc
sneer smile with a upon lip curled, to show contempt
confusion disorder; confused or untidy state
lean be in a sloping position
slip false step; act of slipping
mildly in a gentle manner
observe see and notice
plaster soft mixture of lime, sand, water, etc that becomes hard when dry and is used for making a smooth surface on walls and ceilings
sufficient enough
worn out exhausted 筋疲力盡
wretched very unhappy

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